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I recently came across this great article about guys not knowing what to do when they are in a wedding. Seams pretty easy but i can see how a guy could be totally lost. I mean it’s just a really big party, right? Ya just have to show up… on time… in black socks… right?

Here are a few of my FAVORITE rules

Rule no. 1: Look the part

The Duties of the Groomsman

Make sure your tux still fits.

Attend engagement party. Attend bachelor party. Attend rehearsal dinner.

Listen to the Best Man.

Keep the beer cold.

Remain aware. (“The bathroom? Over there.”)

Escort the bridesmaids down the aisle.

Yes, you still have to buy a wedding gift.

Ladies and gentlemen …

How to Not Suck at Toasts

Raz during a rehearsal dinner speech? Yes.

Drink just enough to steel yourself.

Do not mention former flames of either party.

Rule of three: two normal comments followed by an outlandish comment gets a laugh every time.

Lead with funny.

Close with heartfelt.

Be quick about it.

Try to follow someone who has ignored one or more of these rules.


Scotchy Scotch Scotch…Scotchhhhhhhhh

How to Drink Effectively

Easy on the pre-ceremony champagne — you haven’t eaten yet.

One reception cocktail before dinner starts. Make your rounds.

Wine with dinner. Eat the dinner.

Post-dinner: Scotch. Tough to overdo. Earns nod of approval from the wedding’s old guard.

Invariably, someone will suggest shots. Avoid this man.

Keep an eye out for your “rhythm drink” — the one after which you say to yourself “You know what? I AM a good dancer!” This signals your zenith. All downhill from here.

Watch the FOTB closely – when HE’S the one suggesting shots, all bets are officially off. Feel free to take one.

When in doubt: “To the happy couple!” when raising your glass.

Bloody Mary in the morning.


The Charleston is funny for a second. All songs are longer than a second.

Alcohol intake is not directly proportional to dancing acumen. It’s not inversely proportional, either. It’s more of a parabola. Ride the crest.

Where’s the after-party?   Ask the drunkest groomsman.


Link to full Book

We love insidehook. Go there. Sign up. Follow them everywhere.

Read the full article. SMILE and enjoy!

Author: Tammy Odom


Old Man Winter, lookout for Flora the first Lady Spring!  Spring your clocks forward and enjoy longer days and the opportunity for extended outdoor fun.

Here in beautiful Fairhope, AL we want to share with you the many emotional and stunning and simply charming locations in this gorgeous village, situated on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.  We hope to do this with contributions by both professional and amateur photographers and others who live here, or are merely passing by.  There are so many things to see and do and experience around this appealing area.  Visitors and residents alike love to stroll and linger on the Mobile Bay waterfront, enjoy local rivers, sugar-sand beaches provided by the Gulf of Mexico, and the hundreds of other sights in Lower Alabama, known — as Los Angeles is to millions of people — as LA.

Facts about Fairhope that may make you linger just a little longer:

  • Our village was created by a group of hardy souls seeking adventure and being practical, also wanted a “fair hope of success”.
  • This experimental community grew, and more than a hundred years later, we have spacious parks, tree-lined pretty neighborhoods and a great and thriving downtown area.
  • At around 13,000 people, Fairhope, ALA has come a long way from those “old days”. It’s still entirely unique and keeps a small town ambience that we know you’ll enjoy.  There is a huge and very active arts community, terrific community services, great schools, and many wonderful things to experience and look at and take part in.

These celebrities and just plain good folks were born in, or grew up in, or called Fairhope home at some time:

  • Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett.
  • Actress and author Fannie Flagg (Fried Green Tomatoes)
  • Winston Groom, who wrote Forrest Gump
  • Journalist and Utopian promoter Marie Howland
  • Author Mary Lois Timbes
  • Author Upton Sinclair
  • Boston Red Sox player Dave Stapleton
  • Alabama Moon author Watt Key

As you can see, there is no doubt that Fairhope is the inspiration of many of our finest creative and artistic minds and souls.  Visit us often, and enjoy some of the fresh and new content which our residents and visitors provide us with.

Fairhope is filled with a collaboration of hidden treasures. From the Parks to the Bay, Historical landmarks as well as precious art. It is the South’s very own Shangri La.

Read more about Fairhope at

Fairhope City Sketches


Celebrate Easter weekend at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope al, April 18th – April 20th,  with a vast array of activities that are fun for all ages. The weekend begins on Friday. Spend your weekend dyeing eggs, decorating baskets, hunting for Easter eggs, cooling off at the Ice cream & S’more Social & even enjoy an extraordinary Easter buffet of culinary specialties with local flavor. Children don’t forget to take a chance at the jelly bean guess and enter the coloring contest.

With all the amenities the Grand has to offer, it will be an Easter to remember.  Don’t forget to enter the Peter cottontail olympics on Bent Oak Lawn. There will be plenty of prizes and medals to win. Fun for the whole family. Sign up for Basket Decorating, space is limited. And visit uncle Joes Rolling Zoo. Have your face painted and enjoy some arts and crafts while your there. Then catch your breath and get ready to dye some eggs. Whew we are tired just thinking about all the fun to be had. Moms and dads, fret not there are some nice activities for you to enjoy also.

Make sure to have a professional Easter portrait done by Renaissance Portrait Studio, the baby bunnies can’t wait to tickle your nose and give you a little Bunny Love. Make your plans today and don’t forget your special Easter basket for your Easter portrait. Reservations are not required to have portraits done and there is a minimal purchase. Times are limited so start early and have “rump roarin’, candy filled, Easter weekend”.

So, Get HOPPIN” and don’t forget to make your room or Easter buffet reservations today by calling (251) 928-9201.

Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa: 1 Grand Blvd., Point Clear, AL 36564;, (251) 928-9201, or 1-800-544-9933.

Easter at the Grand | Easter at the Grand 2 | Easter at the Grand 3 | Easter at the Grand 4 |

Easter Photography  at the Grand hotel |


Easter Portraits at the Grand with real Bunnies.  What!!! Is it that time already.  Spring is in the Air.  What better way to enjoy some Spring Photography of your babies with our baby Easter Bunnies.  Bugsy, Marshmallow, Cadbury, & Nutbrown are ready for some crazy fun pictures.  So, don’t forget to bring your special Easter Basket and enjoy an Easter Tradition, with Peter Cottontails family while they are on Vacation.

P.S. Watch out for any steamy chocolate bunny surprises… jus’ sayin’   🙂

2014 Easter At the Grand


Christmas at the Grand Hotel. Gingerbread Magic & Christmas Wishes are just a few of the Holiday traditions you can enjoy at the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel has been providing families with Christmas traditions for many years. This year will be no different with all of the activities and amenities the Grand has planned for their guests. Just a few include Peppermint Guess, Arts & Crafts, Christmas Movie, Portraits by Renaissance Portrait Studio from 8:00 – 11:00 am, on the Breakfast Saturday dates. And, don’t forget their Christmas Buffet on Christmas Day!  These are just a few of the wonderful traditions that the Grand has created and continues to awe us with every year.
The Grand’s culinary magicians will once again create the 700-pound gingerbread masterpiece that perfectly resembles the Grand Hotel property. The 8-foot-wide, 16-foot-long replica of the property takes about 6 weeks to construct in total. The gingerbread village is constructed by executive Chef Mike Wallace, Pastry Chef John Jackson, Engineer Ed Clark and the pastry team at the Grand Hotel. For gingerbread construction and other decorating tips, the culinary team is available for interviews. See contact information below.The entire village is edible except the wood base, train, illumination, model cars and people. Ingredients include gingerbread for the houses, royal icing for snow, couscous for the streets, green coconut for grass, Rice Krispy treats for bushes, Cornflakes for tree foliage, chocolate fondant for the tree truck and branches, candy cane and gum drops for street lights, gelatin sheets for windows, squid ink pasta for wrought iron gates and more. For more information, please visit
Marriotts Grand Hotel in Point CLear Al - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Would you like to make your own gingerbread house? You’ve got to begin with a grand recipe, especially if you plan to demolish it along with a glass of milk at the end of the season. Here’s how John Jackson, head pastry chef at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club and Spa made the hotel’s signature gingerbread used in the gingerbread hotel now on display in the Grand’s dining room.

Grand Hotel Gingerbread Dough Recipe
• 5 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
• 1 tablespoon ground ginger
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 3/4 cup granulated sugar
• 3/4 cup vegetable shortening
• 1/2 cup light corn syrup
• 1/2 cup molasses
• 1-1 1/2 tablespoons warm water
Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Sift together dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Whip shortening and sugar until light fluffy. Add light corn syrup and molasses to sugar mixture, slowly, until thoroughly mixed.
Add warm water. You can add dry ingredients to mixer and knead with a dough hook, or transfer wet ingredients to large bowl of dry ingredients and knead for 10 minutes.
Put dough in a large plastic bag for 1 hour to rest. Although it is best when used the same day, the dough will keep for a week at room temperature, or a month in the refrigerator.
Roll dough evenly onto a piece of tin foil (big enough to fit onto a cookie sheet) 1/8-1/4 inch thickness. Use copper cutters to make cottage shapes and peel up unused dough.
Place foil on cookie sheet being careful not to disturb cut pieces, and bake 15-20 minutes, until edges are golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool on a flat surface.
Once baked, he cottage will last for years if stored in a plastic bag. The recipe makes 2-3 cottages.

Author Tammy Odom