It is rare to be able to see all of the incredible stages that a child goes through. From newborn to infant to toddler, so many changes occur that you miss the little things that changed. The little things that make him or her who they will be forever. We are lucky in that we have the opportunity to see the progression of physical changes as well as the personalities that are defined in these early years because we do Childrens photography. Here is a sneak peek of memories from Vera’s images. We love her spunk, her sparkle and her style. She’s got a huge personality and big soulful eyes. We are hoping great things for her. And are proud to have been able to capture all the little things that make her so wonderful.
Vera Marass image timeline
It probably doesn’t hurt that we have access to the beautiful town of Fairhope Alabama. The Fairhope pier, its wonderful manicured parks, and the friendliest townsfolk ever.
We are truly blessed with this town that we call home.
Author: Tammy Odom