I recently came across this great article about guys not knowing what to do when they are in a wedding. Seams pretty easy but i can see how a guy could be totally lost. I mean it’s just a really big party, right? Ya just have to show up… on time… in black socks… right?

Here are a few of my FAVORITE rules

Rule no. 1: Look the part

The Duties of the Groomsman

Make sure your tux still fits.

Attend engagement party. Attend bachelor party. Attend rehearsal dinner.

Listen to the Best Man.

Keep the beer cold.

Remain aware. (“The bathroom? Over there.”)

Escort the bridesmaids down the aisle.

Yes, you still have to buy a wedding gift.

Ladies and gentlemen …

How to Not Suck at Toasts

Raz during a rehearsal dinner speech? Yes.

Drink just enough to steel yourself.

Do not mention former flames of either party.

Rule of three: two normal comments followed by an outlandish comment gets a laugh every time.

Lead with funny.

Close with heartfelt.

Be quick about it.

Try to follow someone who has ignored one or more of these rules.


Scotchy Scotch Scotch…Scotchhhhhhhhh

How to Drink Effectively

Easy on the pre-ceremony champagne — you haven’t eaten yet.

One reception cocktail before dinner starts. Make your rounds.

Wine with dinner. Eat the dinner.

Post-dinner: Scotch. Tough to overdo. Earns nod of approval from the wedding’s old guard.

Invariably, someone will suggest shots. Avoid this man.

Keep an eye out for your “rhythm drink” — the one after which you say to yourself “You know what? I AM a good dancer!” This signals your zenith. All downhill from here.

Watch the FOTB closely – when HE’S the one suggesting shots, all bets are officially off. Feel free to take one.

When in doubt: “To the happy couple!” when raising your glass.

Bloody Mary in the morning.


The Charleston is funny for a second. All songs are longer than a second.

Alcohol intake is not directly proportional to dancing acumen. It’s not inversely proportional, either. It’s more of a parabola. Ride the crest.

Where’s the after-party?   Ask the drunkest groomsman.


Link to full Book http://www.insidehook.com/the-gentlemans-handbook-weddings/slide-knramel8

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Read the full article. SMILE and enjoy!

Author: Tammy Odom