Well, when looking at wonderful photography and viewing awesome videos it is super annoying to roll over a text enhanced ad. Here is a hint i found online to turn it off.
Text Enhance (Text-Enhance) is a form of flash adware (categorized as a browser hijacker) which attaches to internet browsers as an extension and cookie without user consent.  The primary website for Text Enhance does not even allow users to download their extension, nor can their extension be found on Google Chrome’s extension database, nor any other browser’s add on database for that matter. In other words, Text Enhance is not a realistic in text advertising service.
Users usually notice they have been attacked by Text Enhance when webpages have links or hover links with certain spam advertisements and information in a pop up window (pictured). The owners behind Text Enhance generate income by providing advertisement services this way and selling personal information. Example: Hovering over the words racing teams opens up a small window showing a spam advertisement relative to racing teams.
Please note: Text Enhance does not infect websites, Text Enhance infects individual users. If you see text advertisements on a website then you are infected, not the website.

How To Remove Text Enhance

First off, clear your browser’s cache load and cookies for safe measure. You do this in your browser’s options/preference settings, or by manually deleting temporary directory files.
Click an option below for in-page redirection, or scroll down for more information.
1.Block &(or) Disable & Remove Extension

    – This is the only necessary option to disable unwanted advertisements.

(View list of possible extension names.)
2. Disallow Third Party Flash Storage

    – This too is the only necessary option to disable unwanted advertisements.

3. Delete Directory Files

    – Such as App Data

Note: Opting out of any online advertisement platform is never suggested.

If ya just want  to surf the internet in peace. Enjoy incredible photography websites and blogs. Follow those simple instructions and have fun.
thanks to Botcrawl  http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-text-enhance/
for all of their knowledge.
Author, Tammy Odom, Renaissance Portrait Studio.