• Santa will be available for photographs from 7:00 am until 11:00 am.
    You must sign up for a Package.
    The smallest package is
    One Digital File
    $54.51 ( tax is included )

    These sessions have a required minimum purchase.
    You can even apply this minimum to an upgraded collection once you see the images.

  • No Personal Photography is permitted. No Cameras, No Phone Photography.
    It is very distracting and can create confusion during the 5 minute session.

    Thank You!

  • Log into the Book Me Button to pay for your base package.
    Reservations are required for Breakfast with Santa Photo’s and A Little Time with Santa Private Sessions

      Please fill in all the required information so you can have a great experience.

  • Due to Health & Safety Guidelines, and just to be polite, we following a simple protocol.

    Families are asked to please adhere to 2 feet apart, social distancing, and the hotel’s current policies for inside events.

    Children can sit on Santa’s Lap as long as their parents approve.

    We want to keep this light-hearted and fun for everyone.

    We appreciate your understanding.

  • Dear Fantastic Clients,

    Ho-ho-ho-liday season is here, and we’re bursting with joy to send you some cheer! 🎅🎄

    First off, can we just say WOW, you all rock our world! This year has been a rollercoaster, and we’re so grateful you’ve been on this wild ride with us. Whether you’ve struck a pose in our studio or followed our photographic adventures online, you’re part of our big, beautiful, and oh-so-merry Renaissance Portrait Studio family.

    Now, let’s get down to business – and by business, we mean holiday shenanigans! 🎉
    Grab your jingle bells and hold on to your Santa hats because we’re about to sleigh this holiday season together! 🛷

    From all of us at Renaissance Portrait Studio, we wish you an incredibly festive, laughter-filled, and light-hearted holiday season. May your days be merry and bright, and your selfies be on point!

    Keep smiling, keep posing, and let’s make this season unforgettable!

    Tammy + Jason and our Crew of Merry Makers 📸🎉

There is nothing better than a friend…
unless it’s a friend with chocolate.

Full Menu for the Breakfast with Santa Session