Step 1:

Guesstimate your guest count.
Begin determining how many guests
you want at your reception.
This will help narrow down locations
and begin a budget calculator.
Step 2:
Set a date and location.
This helps us determine availability for your
Wedding date and the logistical limits for your chosen location.
Choose a location that can accommodate your guest count and suit the needs
of your personal style.
Step 3:
Begin your menu planning
Please see our “Menu’s” link to help you narrow down your choices.
Before your consultation, 1st choose the type of reception you want; i.e. heavy Hors d’oeuvres, Dinner Buffet, Seated Dinner, etc.
Then look at the corresponding menu’s and highlight different items you and your fiancé would like at your Wedding Reception
Try to choose a couple of heavy meat combinations (beef, poultry or pork) compliment them with 2 to 3 hot Hors d’ oeuvres, 2 to 3 cold Hors d’oeuvres, a couple of dips, fruit, cheese and vegetables to complete a well balanced menu

Step 4:
Reception lay-out and reception time line
After your consultation, we will then begin looking at your Reception lay-out and coordinating your rental needs as well as the time line for your Reception and the specific details regarding the “extras” every Reception requires.
Your personal Event Planner at Naman’s Catering will meet you at your location to determine the set-up look and feel for your reception.
We will then coordinate any rental needs with a local rental company. Check the “rental” link
We will also work with your Florist, Bridal Consultant, Cake Designer etc. to create a cohesive design for your Reception 
Step 5:

Finalize the details for your Wedding Reception

About 2 weeks before your Reception, we will get your final guest count and make any needed adjustments
Coordinate any last rental needs with regards to guest count changes and the upcoming weather forecast
Finally, we will review the set-up and delivery from the participating vendors for your Reception.
These 5 steps will ensure the success of your dream Wedding Reception! There are a lot of overwhelming details that can lead to stress in the planning process. Let the dedicated team at Naman’s Catering handle the details for your Reception and allow you and your family to enjoy your special day.
A special thanks to Namans catering for creating such a cool list of details to be aware of.
How else would you make for a fabulous reception