Ok, you are just told that you are writing your own wedding vows. WHAT, do you say something funny, sweet, long, short….argh… NO worries! Just make it personal. Yes, make it about what she/he does for you but say it as if he/she were the only person in the room. Talk to him/her, and the world won’t stop spinning, the sun will keep shining and you won’t be listening to the chirping of crickets, maybe the beating of your heart but hey it’s all good. It’s your wedding vows and it’s really your heart that speaking anyways… 🙂

before you start writing your wedding vows….
Get Approval – talk to the officiant (your pastor). Some religions frown on non secular expressions. Catholic wedding vows vs Baptist vows vs Hindu or even non denominational services  may be a factor in your choice of words.

How Long… don’t ramble stay focused. you can be yourself.

What do you say- bare bones.. no fluff.. super sappy..or soulful and teary eyed.. hummmm. Your wedding day will be an incredible adventure and your wedding reception may also afford you the opportunity to be the poet that you always knew you were, deep down inside.

Consult your past
Time for a trip down memory lane. Start jotting down the details of special firsts in your relationship – first meeting, first date, first kiss, first “I love you,” etc. What qualities made you fall in love in the first place? Are there special milestones in your relationship that that have helped bring you here today?

Envision the future
What challenges and achievements do you foresee in the future, and how do you expect to meet those things together?
Complete me
Sure, it’s a line from a movie, but there’s a reason for its now cliche status. What characteristics does he/she bring out in you? How does he/she make you a better person? Don’t forget that marriage should be about being two whole, individual people coming together in a beautiful union, not about relying on that person to make your life complete. Wedding songs are great inspiration for your wedding vows. Get ideas from wedding ceremony music, wedding reception music, first dance songs, mother son songs, father daughter songs and other wedding songs. Movies are also great the Notebook, Princess Bride  etc… Wedding music, Love songs… go crazy with it connect to your softer side and have plenty of tissues near by.
Use the right words
Compile your notes, memories, and reflections, and begin turning words into sentences, and finally sentences into wedding vows. Consult your visual thesaurus for the perfect expressions to reflect your thoughts. Some words to get you started: love, trust, support, strength, encourage, respect, cherish, admire, value, commit, pledge, and promise. Check out some wedding songs. Love songs make your heart flutter and your tear duck work overtime. Perhaps, some ideas to inspire you will come from the music she loves to hear.

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Author: Tammy Odom at Renaissance Portrait Studio
Research: Martha Stewart, The Knot, Google, GALA,
Hope you find some inspiration and a little spark for your special wedding vows.
Remember to keep it real, make it matter, and breath. Cause you already had Her/Him at Hello…. LOL  Tammy O